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2011 NBA Draft Needs : Celtics, Nets, Knicks, Raptors, and 76ers

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With the 2011 NBA draft coming up in a week, it’s time to look at the teams needs for the teams in the Atlantic Division.

Boston Celtics Needs: SG SF C

The Celtics may be getting old but they probably have one more good run left in them. So what do they need to add?

They really need a center that can rebound and defend. Jermaine O’Neal’s play has gone downhill fast. Last year’s backs ups probably won’t be back;Shaqretired, and Nenad Kristic is a free agent. The Celtics could also use depth behind Kevin Garnett who isn’t getting any younger. Glen Davis is a free agent, and Jeff Green could be a free agent.

Current wings are top notch players Ray Allen and Paul Pierce but the depth behind them needs to get better. Allen and Pierce aren’t getting any younger. You can’t rely on Delonte West, Von Wafer, Marquis Daniels, Avery Bradley, and Sasah Pavlovic. West is the best of the bunch but he is a free agent. They need someone off the bench that can score, breakdown the defense and get to the basket.

They could also use a back up point guard to Rajon Rando, you can’t count on Carlos Arroyo.

New Jersey Nets Needs: SG SF PF

The Nets have two superstars in point guard Deron Williams and center Brook Lopez, but they need help elsewhere.

Power forward Kris Humphries had a breakout year, but he is now a free agent, but it looks like they will re sign him. Even though he had a great year, he still can’t create his own shot. There is no depth behind Humphires Brandon Wright is overrated and has been a huge disappoint.

The Nets need a starting small forward Travis Outlaw and Damion James are not the answers. Outlaw would be a great back up not a starter. Starting shooting guard Anthony Morrow had a great season, but there is zero depth behind him. They need a shooting guard who really can shoot the three.

Center Brook Lopez could also use a better back up at the center position.

New York Knicks Needs: SG C

When the Knicks got small forward Carmelo Anthony, they now have two of the top 10 players in the league with Anthony and power forward Amare Stoudemire. What do the Knicks need to get better?

The Knicks need help at the center position. Current center Ronny Turiaf is a good backup center, not a starting center, and there is not quality depth behind Turiaf. They also need help behind Stoudemire at the power forward position. Renaldo Balkman is not a high capable backup. They really need to upgrade their frontcourt.

Current starting shooting guard Landry Fields had a nice season but he isn’t a natural shooting guard. Bill Walker doesn’t do much off the bench. The Knicks need to get more athletic at this position.

The Knicks could also use a backup point guard. Chauncey Billiups is starting to go on the downside, and current back up Toney Douglas is more of a shooting guard. I would really like Douglas at shooting guard.

Philadelphia 76ers Needs: SG C

The 76ers have a good nucleus that will take time to grow; they don’t have a whole lot of needs. They had six players average double figures in Elton Brand, Andre Iguodala, Jrue Holiday, Thaddeus Young, Jodie Meeks, and Lou Williams. Though Meeks and Young are free agents and they are looking to trade Iguodala.

They have a big need at center, Spencer Hawes and Marreese Speights didn’t get the job done especially Speights. Hawes is also a free agent. The poor play of the centers forced Brand to sometimes play center, which he is undersized. They need a top center so that Brand can do his thing.

The 76ers could use a consistent three point shooter, they will really need one if Meeks decides not to come back. Brand could also use a better back up at the power forward position.

Toronto Raptors Needs: SG C PF

With Chris Bosh now in South Beach, the Raptors need a new face of the franchise. Hopefully they will get on with the 5th overall pick in this year’s draft. They are really only strong at the small forward position.

The Raptors really need a center. Currently Andrea Bargnani is their best player and plays center, but he is not a center; he plays mostly on the perimeter. He is not that physical either, the Raptors need someone tough in the middle. They really don’t have any quality backups.

The Raptors need a lot better three point shooting since they were the worst in the league at three point shooting. Current starting shooting guard Leandro Barbosa is pretty adequate but there is no depth behind him, the Raptors need better depth.

Power Forward could also be a need for the Raptors .Amir Johnson and Ed Davis aren’t tough enough. They could also use someone who is a better scorer here.

Also don’t be surprised to see the Raptors look for another point guard , because Jerryd Bayless and Jose Calderon are good but not elite.


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