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The 76ers in trade talks with the Clippers?

Published on June 15, 2011 by Scott Shirley   ·   1 Comment

Last week I reported that the Philadelphia 76ers were looking at trading Andre Iguodala to the Golden State Warriors Monta Ellis. Now it is being rumored that the 76ers are looking to ship Iguodala again. Mark Stein reports that the 76ers are looking to trade Iguodala to the Los Angeles Clippers for Chris Kaman. Man, the 76ers must really want to get rid of Iguodala, I think mainly for his contract rather than his play.

Chris Kaman had an excellent 2009-2010 season averaged 18.5 points per game. Last season though he had injury problems, which has haunted him throughout his career. He only played in 32 games. When healthy he is a top center in this league. According to Stein the only way the Clippers trade Kaman is if they get an elite small forward in return.

I think the Clippers think DeAndre Jordan is the center of the future for them, and Kaman is getting in the way of his playing time. Jordan is still learning and should be a strong starting center in this league.

Wow, can you image Iguodala playing alongside all-star power forward Blake Griffin. Talk about two players with rare athletic ability. Both of them could jump out of the gym. Griffin won rookie of the year last year and he is only going to get better. Iguodala is a lock down defender; he will bring toughness to the Warriors. Iguodala is only 6’6”, but he averaged 7 rebounds per game last season. He is an elite athlete with great jumping ability. He can also score, averaging 11 points per game last season.

If I were doing the Clippers I would do this deal in a heart beat as the reasons mentioned above. If I were the 76ers I would not do this deal. Kaman is injury prone, and not very athletic. Stein also reported that the 76ers where looking for an athletic center something Kaman is not. The 76ers also have a young center Spencer Hawes who is getting better, he averaged 7 points per game last season.

It will interesting in the coming days to see if this deal gets done .


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