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Michael Beasley thinks his video game rankings is too high

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While the NBA is a lockout, video games are not. This might be the only way to play or watch a NBA game this season, as the lockout has no end in sight. Some of the player rankings for NBA 2K12 have already leaked out. One player  had a surprising reaction to his rating on the game.

Small forward of the Minnesota Timberwolves Michael Beasley, thinks his rating in the game is too high. Beasley recently did an interview with and had the following to say about his rating in a video game. 2k12 ratings leaked early, you got a 78 how do you feel about that?

Michael Beasley: That’s higher than I thought.

I like players when there being honest. Beasley is right his rating is too high, he is not the talent of a number two pick overall. Most athletes always think they rating in a video game is too low and all they will do is complain about it. It’s hurt their ego. So that’s what I like about Beasley he is admitting he is not as good as everything thinks.

He did averaged 19.2 points per game last season, by far his best in his three-year career. So hopefully he can build on that and someday his rating will be a lot higher.


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