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NBA players playing overseas – Version 8

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With the future of the NBA in doubt for at least this season; many current NBA players are thinking about playing overseas in Europe. It looks like more and more there might not be a NBA season next year; so I think it is a good idea for players to think about playing in different leagues throughout the world. I mean it will keep players in shape and out of trouble, and the big thing the players will get paid. If they sit around and wait on the NBA lockout they will not get paid.  I am really getting tired of all of the reports that players might play overseas but hey that is the only news coming out of the NBA right now.  Below are links throughout the web of various players in the NBA and there desires to play in other leagues this season. 

With the start of the season in question many players are thinking about playing overseas now.

- Derrick Rose is now considering overseas options.

- Superstar Kobe Byrant  gets $6.7 million offer to play in Italy.

- Denver Nugget Kenyon Martin signs record deal in China.

- Mavericks’ Rudy Fernandez signs deal with Real Madrid.

- Boris Diaw to play in France during the lockout.

- Joey Dorsey signs to play in Spain.

- Pistons’ Austin Daye signs deal to play in Russia.

- Nuggets Danilo Gallinari to play in Italy during lockout.

Suns Gani Lawal is Poland-bound for now.



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