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LeBron James goes back to High School to play Football

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You hear more news about what NBA players are doing during the NBA lockout, then progress between the owners and players. On Tuesday superstar LeBron James went back to his high school St. Vincent St. Mary to practice with the football team, and not the basketball team. Wow, what a thrill for those high school kids. Back in the day James did play football in high school before concentrating on basketball.

At practice James had a red jersey meaning he was not to be hit, although the corners were only to jam him at the point of attack. James lined up at wide receiver and the small little high school kids had to stop him from catching passes. James even put on pads and a helmet.

James tweeted the following after the practice: “Just got done practicing with the St.V Varsity football team, full pads and all. Felt great being back on the field. Should I?”

Many said James could have played division 1 football, you have to wonder if he could have ever made in the NFL? I am sure he could with his athletic ability, if he focused on football and gave up basketball. James could never make it in the NFL now, sure he could catch passes but would he be able to take hits and could he block a defensive end like James Harrison?

James favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys QB Tony Romo is having the same problem James has, stinking it up in the 4th quarter. Both don’t have that clutch gene. So maybe Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones should invite James to come to the Cowboys and both can help each. Who knows about both together maybe they can perform together in the 4th quarter.

Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki used to be that guy who couldn’t get it done; now he has a ring. In fact he even tweeted to Romo the following: Dear tony romo. Don’t worry abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and improving.


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