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Why Kevin Love is the best Power Forward in the NBA

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One of the better outcomes of the NBA All-Star game was the debate that arose between Los Angeles Clippers PF Blake Griffin and Minnesota Timberwolves PF Kevin Love. Who is better? Who would you rather have on your team? Much like the previous Tim Duncan vs. Kevin Garnett debate, I chose Duncan. Timmy! might be the NBA’s most boring player of all time. He is a guy that could induce more yawns and nod-offs than an hour in church, but he has four rings and three NBA Finals MVP’s. In comparison, Kevin Garnett brought all the hype, hoopla, and attitude to the game. However, for his lone (and likely last) ring, he needed an army in the form of a stacked Boston Celtics team to win against an underwhelming L.A. Lakers team who dispatched them in their reunion.

Even though the Mozgov - Perkins dunks were offensive fouls (no calls for the sake of the highlight, where in both cases Griffin stuck a stiff arm to the face of the defender), they are two of the most iconic dunks in NBA history. Of course, the urban church choir and the Kia eventually ruined the dunk contest, showing that it was more about rigging it through product placement than actual talent. While Blake Griffin is a phenomenal player, Minnesota Timberwolves PF Kevin Love is simply the best big forward in basketball right now.

Without even debating against Griffin, Kevin Love’s pedigree speaks for itself. He is the first PF in recent memory and the first T-Wolf of all time to win the 3-point contest. Kevin Love is fourth in scoring behind only Lakers SG Kobe Bryant, Heat SF LeBron James, and Thunder SF Kevin Durant. Nice company. Love only trails Magic C Dwight Howard by a narrow margin in rebounds. Howard is surely the beneficiary of a few wayward jumpers by his lackluster supporting cast.

Efficiency, which is possibly the most important stat, measuring all aspects of the game at all positions, has Kevin Love second behind only King James himself. Kevin Love has gotten enough rebounds per game for most guys to atone for in a week. He hits threes, such as the iconic buzzer beater on a beautifully drawn play against the Griffin and his Clippers.

Who leads the league in double-doubles? You guessed it.

While so many feel Love has hit his ceiling and Griffin has yet to ascend, remember the old debate with Garnett and Duncan. With a happy dose of great forward play, trade assets, and smart drafting, Kevin Love will have his Wolves surging long after “Lob City” realizes that it’s just that. Lob City might be a nice attraction, but it’s no titletown.


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