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Regardless of record, the Miami Heat will bring it in the post-season

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The Miami Heat have not been winning big, and have been losing to contenders as of late. This disappointing effort, which includes injury concerns for Miami Heat SF LeBron James’ finger, has Miami Heat fans in a bind. PF Chris Bosh has been shooting at a low clip and not getting to the rim. Worst of all, is the combination of PG’s Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole lacking any sort of existence in a positive note. The three ball is not raining the way it should, and the Miami Heat are giving up too many rebounds and second chance points.

Of course, even in a sixty-six game season, teams are bound to go through good and bad stretches. The shorter season actually magnifies these moments. Three straight game sets might not be exhausting for baseball players, but as basketball players adding in the extra travel and the hard running can run a team ragged. While Commissioner David Stern might not be the most upstanding businessman, there is no question he is a brilliant negotiator. Without a question, Stern knows that as the Heat lose, the league improves. With such a universal hate in the contiguous United States surrounding the super team in Miami, when the Miami Heat lose fans like to watch. In an age of cynicism, some (many) fans gain more pleasure from harassing Heat fans than their own team succeeding.

As a result, the Miami Heat have had stretches of grueling days and nights playing consecutive contenders multiple times this season. Most recently, the Heat have lost two straight. In the month of March, the Heat have faced the Indiana Pacers twice, the Orlando Magic twice, the Chicago Bulls, the Atlanta Hawks and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sprinkled in were lesser contests against the Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns along with an upcoming match against the Dallas Mavericks.

The tests of March have resulted in an 8-6 record.

However, fear not Miami faithful. Last season, the Heat were swept by the Mavericks in the regular season, swept by the Bulls, and lost three of four against the Boston Celtics. The Heat also were blown out by the Spurs last season. Regardless of seeding, the Heat have a fifth gear.

The trident that is the big three of the Heat is the most superb collection of three All-Stars under one roof. Any given player in this group can carry the team on a given night. Regardless of seeding, it is rather evident that the NBA is rarely an upset minded league, and one that will run through Chicago and Miami to win the East.

In a season with amplified injury concerns due to a condensed schedule, the Heat can afford the second seed in the East and can afford to take their foot off the gas. The second seed never did Miami any harm, as their two finals trips were taken under that seed.


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Regardless of record, the Miami Heat will bring it in the post-season

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