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Creighton’s questionable fouls on North Carolina (Videos)

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After the North Carolina Tar Heels dominating win over Creighton they were looking like they were set with a rematch with Kentucky, but news after the game certainly changed that. It was announced shortly after the game that star point guard Kendall Marshall had broken his right wrist. Marshall status for the rest of the tournament is unknown at this time.

The Creighton Blue Jays tried to be with physical with the Heels . There was one real dirty play in this game, with another two plays being borderline dirty. One of those borderline plays was the play Marshall got injured on. Below I will show you all the questionable plays from the game.

1. Speaking of wrist injuries another North Carolina star John Henson returned to this game from a wrist injury. Henson had his wrist taped and on certain plays it looked like Creighton players were targeting that wrist. This happened on one play in particular.

In the first half Henson got the ball and tried to make a move to the basket but he was fouled by Ethan Wragge. Also trying to stop Henson was Grant Gibbs. Gibbs took two swipes and Henson’s injured left wrist. Henson did not like this and got in Gibbs faced and received a technical.

This could have been seen as a clean play by Gibbs as he could have been trying to get all ball. However, after the play Gibbs was seen winking at the bench. This suggests this might have been done intentionally.

2. The second indecent there is no question it was a dirty play, but somehow no foul was called on the play. As the Tar Heels are shooting a jump shot on the fast break North Carolina’s Tyler Zeller is trying to get to the rim. However, Greg Echenique had other ideas.

Echenique gives Zeller a two handed flown blown shove to the face. There is no question this is a very dirty play and it is a joke that foul was called on the play. This play makes you think that Creighton was trying to rough up the Heels.

3. The third play where Marshall got hurt is the toughest to judge. Marshall is coming down on the fast break and goes up for a layup but Wragge fouls him. After the foul Marshall falls to the ground and breaks his right wrist.

It looks like Wragge is trying to make a play on the ball; he is trying to contest the shot with his left hand. However, Wragge uses him right arm to push Marshall who is air bound. That’s where the question of is it a dirty play or not comes in. Most will probably say that this was just a hard foul and it is just unlucky that Marshall got hurt.

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