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Top 10 NBA games for January

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The month of December only had one week of NBA games.  Now, its January, so below are my top 10 games to watch in the month of January.

Top 10 NBA games of January

1. Clippers at Lakers (Jan. 25th) – For once the Clippers but get more attention than the Lakers? Thanks to the Chris Paul trade the Clippers are seen as a team that can compete. Paul teams ups with superstar Blake Griffin. You know Kobe Bryant is always up for a challenge. I am sure he wants to make sure the Lakers are the team in L.A.

2.Bulls at Heat (Jan. 29th) – This will be a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals, in which the Heat dominated. The problem for the Bulls is they only have 1 superstar compared to the three from the Heat. We will find out if the Bulls have gotten better.

3.Lakers at Heat (Jan. 19th) - Last year on Christmas Day the Heat got the better of the Lakers. This year there is no question that Kobe Bryant wants to change that. Every time Bryant and LeBron James are on the same court there is a debate to who is the better player. Give me Bryant any day of the week; he’s got the rings to prove it.

3. Knicks at Heat (Jan. 27th) – Wow, this game will feature a ton of star players and will be a must watch game. You got LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh of the Heat, and Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire of the Knicks. Which superstar will steal the show?

5. Bulls at Celtics (Feb. 12th) –The Bulls are the future of the eastern conference; the Celtics are trying to stay healthy to have one more long run in them. I know the Bulls will be there in the end, what about the Celtics?

6.Lakers at Magic (Jan. 20th) -Even though the Magic and Lakers faced each other in the NBA finals a couple of years ago, this game will be all about Magic star center Dwight Howard. Howard is a free agent after this season, and he has been linked most to be headed to L.A. Howard might be in a Lakers uniform sooner than later.

7. Knicks at Thunder (Jan. 14th) – Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony will be going head to head; who will steal the show? These two will likely guard each other and go head to head.

8. Spurs at Grizzlies (Jan. 30rd) – This is a rematch of an exciting western conference first round match up from last year in which the Grizzlies upset the Spurs.

9. Pacers at Bulls (Jan. 25th) – Last year in the first round of the playoffs the Bulls gave the Pacers a battle, but weren’t able to finish. I think the Pacers have the potential to be a really good team; this will be a good test versus one of the top teams in the east.

10. Kings at Jazz (Jan. 28th) – The much talked about Jimmer Fredette returns to the state of Utah where he played college ball at BYU. Many people in Utah wanted the Jazz to take the Jimmer.

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Top 10 NBA games for January

  The month of December only had one week of NBA games.  Now, its January, so below are my ...
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