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The New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin is merely the flavor of the week

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New York Knicks PG Jeremy Lin has certainly provided the sports media with something to talk about during an otherwise bland week of sports. He has been seen as a  hero to Chinese-Americans, the NBA’s version of Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow due to his enigmatic faith in his religion, and an underdog story to behold.

Does anyone really think that New York Knicks PG Jeremy Lin will drop upwards of twenty points a game for the entirety of this season? Does anyone think that he will blossom into an elite point guard? Obviously it is so much fun for fans to enjoy an underdog story. Here is a guy who was doubted beyond doubts, cut by two average teams, and barely given a chance to play if not for injuries to New York Knicks PG’s Iman Shumpert and Baron Davis.

New York Knicks PG Jeremy Lin is merely the flavor of the week. Jeremy Lin is a great story to watch, and certainly defies the racial norms of an African-American dominated sport, but he will fizzle out. Lin simply does not have the talent to continue shocking the world of basketball with 20-10 nights and flurries of scoring from distance and under the basket.

While it is a fun story, Lin will be eventually figured out. Lin is like the NBA’s version of the Wildcat that the Miami Dolphins employed in the NFL. At first it is going to shock some opposition, score on them, catch them on their heels, but coaches are smarter than players, and they will figure it out.

Right now coaches in the NBA are in that purgatorial juncture where they are unsure as to whether actually devote a chunk of their defensive schemes to Lin. With the re-emergence of New York Knicks F’s Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, Lin might find some success. More defensive focus will have to be diverted to the Knicks’ stars. However, Jeremy Lin simply does not have the level of talent to stare down elite teams. Being defended by a top-level point guard (which Lin has yet to take on) will slow him down.

Jeremy Lin’s story is exciting and entertaining, but he is simply not good enough to sustain the success of a primary player if facing a defense teeing off on him.



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The New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin is merely the flavor of the week

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