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Jim Boeheim James on Jordan’s level What???

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Boeheim was a bench coach for the Americans in London, so he saw first-hand what LeBron James was all about. Recently Boeheim was on a radio station and he basically said James is on Michael Jordan level. Slow down coach.

Here is what Boeheim said on the Colin Cowherd show.

“He’s a leader. He gets on the court, he tells people what to do … this guy can guard five [positions] … put him on anybody, he can guard him. I always felt Michael Jordan was the best player I’ve ever seen … I didn’t think it was close … and I’m not so sure anymore … this guy is 6-9, 260 pounds and he’s getting better … I know we’ve had great, great players through the years. He’s like Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan-type skills as well.

Wow Jimmy you really can’t believe what you just said. I consider Jordan the best basketball player to ever live, as do most other people. Jordan won six championships with the Bulls. He was as clutch as they come I don’t even know how many last second shot’s Jordan made, the one I will always remember is the shot he hit to beat the Utah Jazz.

Jordan always brought his game up a level in the playoffs for his career he averaged 30.1 points per game in the regular season compared to 33.4 in the playoffs. He also averaged more assists and rebounds during the playoffs. I like players who bring their game up another level during playoff time.

Jordan always made his teammates better; he didn’t have any other super stars around him. If Scottie Pippen was playing with another team there is no way he is a hall of famer. Jordan always brought intensity to the game when he played, he always showed that desire. Jordan was also a great leader.

So far James has one championship, after years of playoff failures. He still has five more to catch up with Jordan. James couldn’t win a championship in Cleveland, so he joined 2 other stars to play for the Miami Heat this season. Even if Lebron wins championships with the Heat, many people will say it is Dwyane Wade team. That’s because Wade already won a championship in Miami.

James wasn’t able to make his teammates better in Cleveland. In playoff run with Cleveland it looked like to many that James quit against the Boston Celtics. You would have never seen Jordan do that. James assist per game and rebound per game go down during the playoffs. James hasn’t hit the last second to win that all important game, sure he is starting to be more clutch down the stretch, but he still has to learn to be clutch with 10 seconds left.

This shouldn’t even be a comparison, because Jordan is the best basketball players of all time, maybe we can have this conversation again when James has 6 rings. Even if James has 6 rings or more to me it won’t matter. James needs to develop that eye of the tiger look that Jordan had.

Maybe we can have this discussion in 6 or 7 years.


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