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PJ Hairston working out with Teammates

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North Carolina’s PJ Hairston was the story of college basketball this summer. Hairston got in trouble and multiple times and the future of him playing basketball at UNC was in doubt. Now though in appears Hairston will play this season. The question now is when?

Roy Williams suspended Hairston indefinitely, and hasn’t said more than that. Sources have told ESPN that Hairston has been practicing with his teammates. Something sophomore point guard Marcus Paige confirmed.

“[The distraction] was more of an issue in the summer than it will be going into the season,” sophomore point guard Marcus Paige told ESPN.com. “He’s in good shape right now, and I think he’s in a good place and is ready to move on. … We’ve moved on. He’s working out with us, and we still accept him. It was a big deal in the media, but we’re pretty confident everyone has moved past it. We can’t wait to get him back — whenever it is.”

For the Tar Heels to have a great season they need Hairston to play. He is their returning leading scorer and one of the best three point shooters in the country. He is also a good rebounder for his size.



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