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NBA Playoffs Breakdown: Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets

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Top 5 Players


1. Deron Williams (Nets)

2. Brook Lopez (Nets)

3. Luol Deng (Bulls)

4. Carlos Boozer (Bulls)

5. Joe Johnson (Nets)


3 X-Factors

1. Nate Robinson (Bulls)

2. Reggie Evans (Nets)

3. Rip Hamilton (Bulls)

Best scorer : Deron Williams (Nets)

Best passer: Deron Williams (Nets)

Best shooter: Nate Robinson (Bulls)

Best low-post scorer: Brook Lopez (Nets)

Best rebounder: Carlos Boozer (Bulls)

Best defender: Reggie Evans (Nets)

Ranking the Coaches:

1. Tom Thibodeau (Bulls)

2. P.J. Carlesimo

Stats and Facts

- The Bulls were 3-1 versus the Nets in the regular season. In all of those games neither team reached 100 points.

- In their 4 meetings only 1 game was decided by more than 4 points.

- The Nets are in the playoffs for the first time since 2007.

- Nets point guard has scored 30 points in 4 of the 7 games in April.

Nets                    Bulls


96.6                      93.2


42.8                         43.2


20.3                     23


.478                      .437


.731                    .773


.357                    .353


Prediction : Nets in 7



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