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76ers tickets sales on the rise thanks to Bynum

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Philadelphia is one of the best sports city in America but for whatever reason fans don’t always show up to watch their basketball team. The main reason is because the 76ers have been an average team for many years. While the other three pro teams in the city are constantly making the playoffs.

This summer the 76ers traded for Andrew Bynum from the Lakers in part of the 4 team Dwight Howard trade. This trade has 76ers excited. According to Darren Rovell of Espn 76ers ticket sales are going up.

Friday, team CEO Adam Aron told the Sixers have doubled their season-ticket base (92 percent of season-ticket holders renewed with some prices raised) and quadrupled sales of their 10-game plans as compared to last year.

While all the Dwight Howard talk has been about the Los Angeles Lakers don’t forget about the Philadelphia 76ers.

76ers head coach Doug Collins called the Olympics for NBA. During one of the broadcasts here is what he had to say about the four team trade.

“When you think about adding Andrew Bynum, a big man who can score in the paint, rebound and block shots — something we desperately needed — and Jason Richardson adds another shooter to our lineup, so I’m very excited.

“On the flip side of that you have to trade somebody and Andre Iguodala had a brilliant career for the Philadelphia 76ers. I coached him for two years, he helped me win a lot of games. I’m very, very appreciative of him and I wish him well in Denver.”

I really this deal for the 76ers they need the star player that they have not had for a while. Not bad when you can add the second best center in the game and he is still young. Maybe Bynum can bring 76ers basketball back?

Some experts even say they would take Bynum over Howard. Of course Bynum will have to resign with 76ers after he becomes a free agent next season. So far it sounds like Bynum wants to resign in Philly. He grew up close to Philly.



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