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David Stern on all the Dwight Howard Trade Rumors

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Are you getting tired of all the Dwight Howard talks yet? Well if it was up to the NBA Commissioner he wants the soap opera to continue.

Here is what David Stern told USA today in an interview.

To me, it is the soap opera our fans turn in for – the drama on the court and the drama off the court,” Stern said. “When we cease to have a story popping up, we probably won’t exist.

“I think what it is, is that that’s the way we are. That’s the way it has been in baseball and the NFL and hockey and basketball. And frankly, it engages our fans, it engages our reporters, it engages our bloggers. It makes people happy, mad, sad. It’s just the life in sports.”

I agree with Stern. The more Howard is the news the good for the NBA. The more people will talk about it and the more attention the league gets as a whole. With every new rumor out there every sports TV and Radio show has to break down the latest rumor.

So where do we stand? Right now Howard has told the Magic for the 100th time that he wants traded. There is also one proposed deal out there but the steam from this deal has seemed to blow off.

The talks are between three teams the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, and Cleveland Cavaliers. In the deal the Lakers would receive Howard. The Cavs would receive Lakers center Andrew Bynum and the Magic would receive the Cavs Anderson Varejao and a bunch of draft picks.

This rumored deal came out about a week but there hasn’t been any buzz about it.

The reason why the Lakers have the best chance to get Howard is because they have the best asset in Bynum.

Obviously this would be a great deal for the Lakers but same can be said for the Cavs. A one-two punch of star point guard Kryie Irving and Bynum. The losers of this deal would be the Magic because they are not getting Bynum in return.

If the Magic trade Howard that have to get Bynum in return period end of story.


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