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Central Division: 2012 NBA Draft Grades

Published on July 6, 2012 by Scott Shirley   ·   1 Comment

Chicago: Grade B

29) Marquis Teague, PG

The Bulls could have been in the NBA finals but that all change when Derrick Rose torn his ACL. The Bulls really need a backup point guard to Rose. Especially with Rose’s status to begin the season unknown. With their only pick in the draft, that got that point guard in Teague. I was shocked that the third best point guard in the draft fell that far.

The first thing you noticed about Teague is his athleticism and quickness. Teague is an excellent ball handler, with the court vision that all elite point guards have. His quickness and ball handling skills let him beat his man 1 on and 1; this allows him to get to the rim or pull up for a jump shot. He needs to continue to work on his jump shot; it will improve with time. Sometimes he is too out of control, which causes him to turn over the ball.

Cleveland: Grade A

4) Dion Waiters, SG; (17) Tyler Zeller, C

You would never think that a player that didn’t start a game in college would be taken 4th overall in the NBA draft but Cleveland took Waiters. The Cavs really need help at the shooting guard position. Look at the players that played this position last year for the Cavs : Luke Walton and Anthony Parker to Mychal Thompson, Manny Harris, D.J. Kennedy, Ben Uzoh, and Christian Eyenga. Point guard Kryie Ivring has to like this pick.

Waiters stock has gone up a ton since the end of the college basketball season. Waiters is an athletic strong combo guard. He excels at beating defenders off the dribble he will excel in the NBA because of his ability to score in the isolation. Not only can he drive to the whole but he is a pretty good long range shooter. The only question for Waiters is his ability to play defense.

Dallas Mavericks jump on the chance to draft Tyler Zeller but they did so for Cleveland . The Mavs traded this pick to the Cavs. Zeller fits the need for the Cavs. The Cavs need a center they don’t have a true center on their roster. Zeller is a skilled big man that can shoot and run the floor. Zeller was the ACC Player of the Year.

Zeller showed what a talent he is last season, when he was finally healthy. Zeller has a ton of offensive skill for being 7 foot tall. He runs the floor extremely well, and finishes in transition. He also has a nice jump shot, which he uses in his mid range game. He is money from the free throw line. Zeller can also finish around the rim. He has very good post moves especially the jump hook. Zeller is also a strong rebounder and can block shots. Zeller can be even better if he can add 5 to 10 pounds of muscle and get stronger. He should also try to improve his explosiveness

The Cavs had two 1st round picks in this draft and they both fit position of need for them.

Detroit: Grade B

(9) Andre Drummond, C; (39) Khris Middelton, SF; (44) Kim English, SG

This pick of Drummond is all about upside. He graduated a year early from high school to play and UConn last season. So he is still learning the game. Drummond already has an NBA type body with elite athleticism. He is a force on the defensive end and he can block shots. He can move real well for a big man. There is no question that he has to get better on the offensive end right now he is just so raw. At the end of the day the risk is worth the reward.

The Pistons are pretty much set in the back court but they need to get more players to pair with Greg Monroe in the frontcourt. The Pistons need an upgrade from Jason Maxiell/Ben Wallace/Charlie Villanueva. Drummond might be not be ready yet but in the future him and Monroe could be one of the best frontcourts in the league.

Indiana: Grade D

(26) Miles Plumlee, PF; (36) Orlando Johnson, SG

Most of the 1st round had no shocking picks until the Pacers took Plumlee with the 26th pick in the 1st round. Plumlee is a beast in workouts because his strength and athletic ability really shows but when it’s game time you don’t see any of that. Last year at Duke he only averaged 6.6 points per game. Plumlee could be a very good backup center but is that what you pick for at 26th overall?

Johnson, was one of the best scorers in the nation the past couple years in college. He could be a very good bench player.

Milwaukee: Grade B

(14) John Henson, PF; (42) Doron Lamb, SG

The Bucks are set in the backcourt with Brandon Jennings and Monte Ellis they just need help in the frontcourt. With the Bucks trading Andrew Bogut they really need up front. That’s why I like the pick of Henson here.

Henson is the second best-shot blocker in college basketball ; he has very long arms and a long wingspan that help. Even when he doesn’t block shots, he alters a lot of them. He is also very mobile in the paint. Henson is a very effective rebounder on both ends of the court. He improved his offensive game this year especially around the basket, but it still needs work. He developed a pretty nice jump hook last year; but he needs to do better from the free throw line. Henson most improvement came in his jump shot. At 210 pounds he really needs to add weight and get stronger.

I also really like their pick of Lamb; I thought he would have been gone by them. Lamb is by far the second best shooter in this draft class. The Bucks could use some more shooters and Lamb will gave that to them off the bench.


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