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Carmelo Anthony calls Jeremy Lin’s contract “ridiculous”

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Carmelo Anthony must not be a fan of “Linsanity”. According to multiple reports the Knicks will acquire point guard Raymond Felton and not resign Jeremy Lin. Something Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is okay with.

Here is what Anthony had to day about Lin when he spoke before practicing with Team USA for the Olympics.

“At this point there’s a lot going on. I stay away from that part right now. I would love to see him back, but I think he has to do what’s best for him right now.”

“It’s not up to me,” Anthony said with a laugh. “It’s up to the organization to say they want to match that ridiculous contract that’s out there.”

Lin signed a three year offer sheet worth $25.1 million with the Houston Rockets. The 3rd and final year is worth $15 Million. The Knicks have until 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday to match the offer sheet for Lin. From everything out there it appears the Knicks will do not so.

Lin had a great run with the Knicks he was the talk of the sports world for a couple of weeks. It all ended when Lin hurt his left knee and did not play the rest of the season.

Lin played 35 games for the Knicks. With the Knicks Lin averaged 14.6 point per game and 6.2 assists. Lin had ton of marketing appeal. Being the NBA’s first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent.

What does Anthony think about his new point guard Felton. Remember the Knicks also signed Jason Kidd to be a backup point guard.

“I never played with Felton so I really don’t know what to expect from that situation. I can’t wait if that’s the case,” Anthony said. “I know what he did with the New York Knicks before I even got there with Amare. I know Amare’s excited about that, playing with him before I got there, so they can reunite and hopefully we make something happen.”

Felton played his best basketball of his career in his stint with the Knicks.

I think Anthony is more happy with Felton and Kidd because he knows he will still get his shots. While Lin took a lot of shots away from Anthony. Anthony is also right saying Lin’s new contract offer is ridiculous but Anthony should just be quiet. Wonder what people think of his contract for a player that his teams have struggled big time in the playoffs?


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