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Top 5 Plays from the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs

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1. Kevin Durant Dunks on Andrew Bynum-The Oklahoma City Thunder just destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers in their 1st game in the Western Conference semi-finals. The Thunder cruised to a 29 point victory and in the blow out they had many highlight plays. The best play of the night goes to Thunder superstar Kevin Durant who threw a monster dunk on one of the best shot blockers in the NBA.

The play happened in the 1st minute of the game. Durant came off a series of screens and took a pass from Russell Westbrook near the top of the circle. Then Durant took one dribble and threw down a monster left handed dunk on the Lakers center Andrew Bynum. There is no doubt that this play set a tone for the game. Durant just went right around Metta World Peace and threw down monster jam with his opposite hand. Bynum had 10 blocks in an earlier game in the playoffs versus the Denver Nuggets.

Durant finished the game with 25 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. He would have finished with a lot more points but he only played 29 minutes because of the score. Check out video of the dunk below.

2. Andre Iguodala dunks on the Boston Celtics - The Philadelphia 76ers Andre Iguodala is one of the best dunkers in the NBA. He put that on display during the 76ers game 6 victory of the Boston Celtics.

During the 3rd quarter Iguodala picked up a loose ball at the three point line. He then took two long dribbles and threw down a monster one handed dunk over the Celtics Paul Pierce. That was just a sick dunk that gave the 76ers plenty of momentum. Iguodala’s dunk gave the 76ers a 45 to 41 lead mid-way through the 3rd quarter.

For my money Igodala is the best high flyer in the league; he just has great athletic ability.

The 76ers won 82-75 and have force a game 7 in Boston.

3. Kobe Bryant’s reverse dunk- Lakers star Kobe Bryant was the only Laker player to give it his all for the entire series agianst the Thunder. In the Lakers loss in game 5 Bryant had a highlight real dunk.

In the 2nd quarter Bryant drove right past James Harden and threw down a monster reverse dunk.

Bryant finished the game with 42 points.

4. Kevin Durant’s game winning 3 versus the Lakers- Kevin Durant is making clutch shot after clutch shot in these 2012 playoffs. Game 4 was no different as Durant’s last second three gave the Thunder the win. Durant is making his case that he is the best player NBA .

With the game tied at 98 Durant intercepted a bad pass from Pau Gasol. Then it was time for Durant to do his thing on the offensive end. Durant was one on one was Metta World Peace. Durant calmly took a couple dribbles and hit a three right into World Peace’s face to give the Thunder the lead with 143 seconds left. The Thunder went on to win the game 103 to 100.

Durant finished the game with 31 points on 10 of 18 shooting. He also added 13 rebounds. There is no question Durant has passed by Kobe Bryant as the best closer in the game.

Durant talked about his shot after the game

“It left my hand, I was thinking, if this doesn’t go in, it’s going to be a terrible shot. They’re going to criticize me a lot. I had confidence in the shot, my teammates had confidence in me, and we just kept fighting. Russell did a great job of keeping us in it all night, and I just tried to do my job by finishing the game.”

5.Paul Pierce Dunks on the 76ers twice - Who knew that Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics could still dunk on people? Well, that is what happened twice in the Celtics game 3 win at Philadelphia.

It is amazing that Pierce did this because he has a bad knee and he is getting up there in age.

On the first dunk Pierce takes a pass from Ray Allen near the sideline. Then Pierce drives baseline and dunks on the 76ers Thaddeus Young who is playing help defense. This happened right before the 2nd quarter ended. It certainly pumped the Celtics up because they outscored the Sixers by 16 in the 2nd quarter.

The 2nd happened earlier in the 1st quarter. Pierce drives the lane and dunks on the Sixers. There was also a foul called on the play.


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