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Rondo’s pass knocks down teammate: JaVale McGee doesn’t realize team still has ball

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Below I will feature two bloopers from recent NBA games that should be good enough for the bloopers of the year in the NBA this season.

The first features Boston Celtics it happened during the first quarter in the Celtics 91-89 victory over the New York Knicks. Rajon Rondo is one of the best point guards in the NBA especially his passing ability. Rondo has the ball out near the three point line and sees Mickael Pietrus cutting to the basket. So Rondo throws him a pass but the pass hits Pietrus in the head and knocks him over.

I blame Rondo for this one. The pass was a one handed fast ball. This has to be the blooper of the year so far in the NBA. We will see this play for a while check out the video below of Rondo knocking down Pietrus.

The Washington Wizards are one of the worst teams in the NBA. They would be the worst if it wasn’t for the Charlotte Bobcats. This play that I will describe below just goes to explain the Wizards season.

The Wizards JaVale McGee throws up a wild shot on the baseline but he doesn’t he look who got the rebound and starts running down the court to get back on defense. Well the Wizards got the rebound and McGee doesn’t even realize it. Finally when John Wall has the ball he calls back McGee who was down at the other end to come join his team at the offensive end. Wall gave him a look like what in the world are you doing. I applaud McGee for getting back on defense but you have to make sure your team doesn’t have the ball in the offensive end.

Check out the play below.


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