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Videos : LeBron’s dunk blocked by opponent’s head : Bosh dunks on the Bobcats

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It might be the block of the year but is should not have counted because it was goaltending. It happened in the Miami Heat Charlotte Bobcat game.

Super star LeBron James goes for the powerful dunk. The ball goes through part of the basket but then the ball hits the head of the Bobcats Gerald Henderson, who was trying to block the shot. The ball the n bounces out of the basket.

This happened so fast that none of the three refs saw what happened they probably just thought it was a good block. It should have been goaltending, and that miss call could have cost the outcome of the game because the Heat won the game by one. At the end of the day though, it counts as a block shot for Henderson.

Watch the play below.

Also in the same game there was a monstrous dunk that counted. Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat drives down the lane and dunks on the Bobcats D.J. White. The Bosh dunk was poster dunk on White.

Bosh is part of the big three in Miami that gets none of the hype it is all James and Dwyane Wade. Bosh doesn’t get the credit he should get. Many people call him soft. This dunk gave the Heat the lead in the 4th quarter in a back to back game.

Check out the Bosh dunk below.


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