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90 % chance Deron Williams stays with the New Jersey Nets

Published on December 6, 2011 by Scott Shirley   ·   1 Comment

Deron Williams, star point guard for the New Jersey Nets, was the only real true star to play overseas during the lockout. Williams like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard can opt out and become a free agent after this upcoming season. Williams differs here again from Paul and Howard that he wants to stay with his current team for seasons to come.

On Monday Williams did a radio interview with WFAN. John Schuhmann of tweeted some of what Williams said on his twitter account.

“My plan is to stay. Hopefully we can get some good talent as to where I can stay.”

D-Will says he talks to Dwight often & says that’s one guy he love to play with, but doesn’t know what Dwight’s going to do.

Williams is asked what’s the % chance he stays with the Nets: “I’d probably say like 90 percent.”

I hope Williams stays with the Nets in the end I think he will. The NBA needs players will Williams to stay a play for the Nets.

For Williams to stay I think the Nets need to bring in one more star for him to stay or two or three pretty good players. The one thing going for the Nets is most of their pieces are young and they have some cap room.

I like that Williams seems to be committed to the Nets long-term and supports there rebuilding efforts.


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