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Did the Bracket Trends hold up for the 2014 NCAA Tournament?

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Are you done filling out your bracket yet? If not, or you are not sure about something here are some facts to consider. All these stats are from 1985 until now. The tournament went to 64 teams in 1985. Update I update the facts throughout the hold tournament to see if they held true?


- 1 seeds are 116-0 vs. 16th seeds (100 %) (4-0)

- 2 seeds are 109-7 vs. 15th seeds (94 %) (4-0)

- 3 seeds are 99-17 vs.. 14th seeds (85 %) (3-1, Duke lost to Mercer)

- 4 seeds are 91-25 vs. 13th seeds (78 %) (4-0)

- 5 seeds are 75-41 vs. 12th seeds (65 %) (1-3 Only 1 3 seed won)

- 6 seeds are 77-39 vs. 11th seeds (66 %) (3-1)

- 7 seeds are 70-46 vs. 10th seeds (60 %) (3-1)

- 8 seeds are 62-55 vs. 9th seeds (53%) (2-2)

- Just 15th of the number 1 seeds have lost in the round of 32 (Wichita State lost to Kentucky this year)

- 2 seeds are 75-34 in the round of the 32.(2-2, Kansas and Villanova both lost)

- In fact, over the last 17 years only once, have all 2 seeds advanced to the Sweet 16 (Not happening this year)

- Out of 116 regions since 1985, only 15 of the times (13 percent) have all the first four seeds advanced to the Sweet 16. (It did not happen this year)

- Since 1985 only 10 times has the 8 seed reached the sweet 16. (Kentucky reached the Championship game this year)

-The past three Final Fours have included a total of just two No. 1 seeds (Only 1 #1 seed this season)

- In 27 out of the last 29 years at least one double digit seed has reach the sweet 16. In 14 out of the last 17 years at least two double digit seeds reached the sweet 16. (3 double digits seeds reached the Sweet 16 in Dayton, Stanford, Tennessee)

- 12 seeds have more success at making the sweet 16 than 11 seeds, and 8 and 9 seeds combined since 1985. (All the 12 seeds didn’t make the sweet 16 this season.)

- 12 seeds have won at least 2 games; 12 out of the last 13 years. (They went 3-1)

- Over the last 4 years, #4 seeds have made the final four 4 times. ( NO #4 seeds this season)

- At least one 13 seed has one a game since 2007. (No 13th seed won this year)

- The number overall one seed has only reached the final four 5 out of the last 10 years. (Florida reached the Final Four)

- 11 out of the last 15 champions have been number 1 seeds. Since 1985, 1 seeds have won 17 titles. (UConn was a 7th seed)

- Only once have all Number 1 seed reached the final four (Not Happening).

- Since 1985 1, 2, and 3 seeds have won 31 out of the 35 titles. Two 6 seeds have won a title and a 4 seed and 8 seed have also won.( UConn (7th seed) is the 1st to win a title as a 7th seed)

- Two number 1 seeds have only met in the title game 6 times. (Not Happening)

- 20 out of the last 29 years two teams from the same conference have made the final four. (SEC Florida and Kentucky both made it)

- 11 out of the last 16 winners have won their confernce tournament. ( UConn did not win their conference tournament)

- Duke has only advanced past the sweet 16 3 times since 2001. They have never won a title as a 3 seed or lower. (They lost in the 1st round to Mercer)

- While Gonzaga has made the big dance 16 straight seasons, they have only reached the sweet 16 twice in the last 12 years. (Holds true again)

- Wichita State and Florida are the 12th team to go undefeated in conference play and win their conference title, and get a 1 seed. The Previous 10 didn’t win the national title. (Florida lost in the FF)

- North Carolina has won 11 straight opening round games and Roy Williams has never lost an opening game. (UNC beat Providence in the 1st round)

- At Michigan State Tom Izzo is 19-3 on the first weekend. (Make that 21-3)

- The Horizon league has won at least one game 7 out of the last 9 years. (Milwaukee lost this year)

- The Atlantic Ten has won a game in the tournament the last 34 out of the 36 years. (Dayton made it to the EE)

- The Northeast Conference is the only conference not to win a game. (They lost again in the 1st round)


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