Friday, June 28th, 2013

Miami Heat defeat Chicago Blackhawks in Game 7, really.

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Something a little errant in that headline? Thought that might get your attention. While discussing the Miami Heat‘s win last night and the television audience, the website writes that Miami generated the second best ever game 7 television audience for ABC.

However, the website, which is ranked in the top 2200 globally and 660th in US audience according to the service, didn’t quite get their teams straight when reporting who was playing where and for what.

The first sentence of the article reads, “The last game of the 2013 NBA Finals made up for dips earlier in the series. Overnight returns for the Miami Heat’s game 7 championship win over the Chicago Blackhawks place it is as the second-highest-rated NBA game to ever air on ABC.” It would be interesting to see Lebron’s slap shot.

I’m sure that this will be revised over time, but how does any editor allow such a gross journalistic injustice hit the web? Is there no proof reading, double checking facts or editing any more? It won’t be long before the site will be reporting on the viewership numbers between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Yankees playing in the Super Series.

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