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Did the trends of the 2013 NCAA Tournament hold up?

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- 1 seeds are 112-0 vs. 16th seeds (100 %) (4-0)

- 2 seeds are 106-6 vs. 15th seeds (95 %) (3-1, Florida Gulf Coast be the Hoyas)

- 3 seeds are 96-16 vs. 14th seeds (85 %) (3-1, Havard beat New Mexico)

- 4 seeds are 88-24 vs. 13th seeds (79 %) (3-1)

- 5 seeds are 74-38 vs. 12th seeds (66 %) (1-3, VCU was the only 12th seed to win)

- 6 seeds are 74-38 vs. 11th seeds (66 %) (3-1)

- 7 seeds are 67-45 vs. 10th seeds (60 %) (3-1)

- 8 seeds are 60-52 vs. 9th seeds (54%) (2-2)

- Just 14th of the number 1 seeds have lost in the round of 32 (Gonzaga lost in the Round of 32 this year)

- 2 seeds are 72-34 in the round of the 32. (2 seeds are 3-0 this year)

- In fact, over the last 16 years only once have all 2 seeds advanced to the Sweet 16 (Georgetown was knocked out in the first round, all other 3 2 seeds remain)

- Out of 112 regions since 1985, only 14 of the times (12 percent) have all the first four seeds advanced to the final four. (It happenend this year in the East Bracket)

- Since 1985 only 10 times has the 8 seed reached the sweet 16. (All the 8 seeds are gone)

- In 26 out of the last 28 years at least one double digit seed has reach the sweet 16. In 13 out of the last 16 years at least two double digit seeds reached the sweet 16. (2 double digits seeds have reached the Final Four in Florida Gulf Coast and LaSalle)

- 12 seeds have more success at making the sweet 16 than 11 seeds, and 8 and 9 seeds combined since 1985. (Only 1 9 seed is in the sweet 16)

- 12 seeds have won at least 2 games; 11 out of the last 12 years. (This year they went 3-1)

- The number overall one since has only reached the final four 4 out of the last 9 years. (Louisville made it there)

- 10 out of the last 14 champions have been number 1 seeds. Since 1985, 1 seeds have won 16 titles. (Louisville won the title)

- Only once have all Number 1 seed reached the final four (2008). (Won’t happen this year)

- Since 1985 1, 2, and 3 seeds have won 30 out of the 34 titles. Two 6 seeds have won a title and a 4 seed and 8 seed have also won. (In this years final four there are two 4 seeds, a 9 seed, and a 1 seed)

- Two number 1 seeds have only met in the title game 6 times. (won’t happen this year)

- 19 out of the last 28 years two teams from the same conference have made the final four. (The Big East has 2 teams in this year’s Final Four)

- No team has won a title after losing their first conference tournament game. (This trend will hold true)

- 10 out of the last 15 winners have won their confernce tournament. Good for Louisville, Ohio State, Miami, Gonzaga, Kansas ( Make it 11 out of 16)

- Since 1990, of the 76 teams making their first NCAA appearance only three of them have won. Sorry Florida Gulf Coast. (Florida Gulf Coast has made history)

- Duke has only advanced past the sweet 16 twice since 2001. They have never reached the final four when they were a 2 seed. (The Blue Devils made it to the Elite

- While Gonzaga has made the big dance 15 straight seasons, they have only reached the sweet 16 twice in the last 11 years. (They didn’t reach the Sweet 16 agian this year)

- Gonzaga is the 10 team to go undefeated in conference play and win their conference title, and get a 1 seed. The Previous 9 didn’t win the national title. (Not happening)

- Missouri has the second most NCAA tournament wins (24) without reaching a final four. (The Tigers lost in the 1st round)

- Notre Dame has only won 6 games in their last 8 appearances. (The Irish also lost there 1st game)

- North Carolina has won 10 straight opening round games and Roy Williams has never lost an opening game. (The Tar Heels won in the 1st round)

- Since 2007 Georgetown has struggled in the the big dance. They have lost to a 10 seed, 2 11 seeds and a 14 seed. (The Hoyas lost to 15th)

- Bo Ryan is only 1-7 vs. Higher Seeds at Wisconsin. Jamie Dixion has struggled also at Pitt. (Both of these coaches lost to lower seeds in there 1st game)

- Temple head coach Fran Dunphy is just 2-14 in his career in the NCAA tournament. (He was 1-1 this season)

- At Michigan State Tom Izzo is 17-3 on the first weekend. (Izzo is 2-0 this year)

- Just twice out of 35 years has the last unbeaten team in the country won the title. This year it was Michigan. (Michigan lost in the title game)

- The ACC has won five titles in the last 12 years. (Not Happening this year)

- The Horizon league has won at least one game 7 out of the last 8 years. (Valpo lost this year)

- The Atlantic Ten has won a game in the tournament the last 33 out of the 35 years. (The A-10 is doing quite well winning over 5 games this year)

- The Northeast Conference is the only conference not to win a game. (The streak goes on)

- The Mountain West got 5 teams in this year but over 13 years they are just 15-33 as a conference (They struggled in this NCAA Tournament agian)


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