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Top 5 NBA games in October/ November

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1. Celtics at Heat (Oct. 30th)

This was already going to one of the best games on this year’s schedule but when Ray Allen decided to sign with the Heat this match up just got 10 times better. These teams already didn’t like each other. Reports were Allen left the Celtics because of his poor relationship with Rajon Rondo. I am sure Rondo will have an extra chip on his shoulder for this game. As will Kevin Garnett who decided to stay with Boston.

2.Knicks at Nets (Nov. 1st)

What a way to open the brand new building for the Brooklyn Nets. Have your rivals the New York Knicks come to your place. The Nets have had a huge off season and many believe the Nets have a better roster right now. The Nets resigned Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries. They also got All Star Joe Johnson in a trade with the Hawks.

3.Suns at Lakers (Nov. 16th)

This game will be all about Steve Nash playing his old team. Nash was very loyal to the Suns but in the end he just wanted to play for a contender. Nash is the point guard Kobe Bryant needed. The Lakers have had a true point guard for a while. Also big fans of the Nash trade are no doubt big man Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.

4.Thunder at Spurs (Nov. 3rd)

This will be an early season match up of the two best teams in the West. Last year the Thunder beat the Spurs 4 straight to advance to the NBA Finals. Revenge will be on the Spurs. Problem for the Spurs is that the star players are really getting older. As for the Thunder there star players are right in there prime. Can Tim Duncan and Tony Parker came up with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook?

5. Magic at Nets (Nov. 11th)

The whole NBA off season the only talk has been where will Dwight Howard be playing next season. For a long time it seemed like Howard was headed to the Nets but for whatever reason the two teams couldn’t work out a trade. So the Nets than resigned bigs Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries. This game will be very interesting if Howard is still on the Magic.

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