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Pacific Division : 2012 NBA Draft Grades

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Golden State : Grade A

7) Harrison Barnes, SF; (30) Festus Ezeli, C; (35) Draymond Green, SF; (52) Ognjen Kuzmic, C

The Golden State Warriors had to be thrilled that Barnes was still on the board. He will fit right in with their type of play. He likes to get up and down and shoot the three. Barnes has a chance to be the best pure scorer out of this draft class.

His game reminds people of Joe Johnson or Danny Gragner with more upside. Barnes really has an excellent mid-range game. Barnes’ jump shot is textbook and smooth. His body is NBA ready with his length. He can finish inside the lane with his strength; he also runs well in transition Barnes is also an effective rebounder especially on the offensive glass. He needs to improve his ball handling; he also needs to attack the rim more, since sometimes he’s relies too much on the jump shot.

I also like the Warriors next two picks of Ezeli and Green. Ezeli will fit perfectly as a backup center to Andrew Bogut. As for Green he is just a flat out baller who is production in every aspect of the game. He would have gone a lot higher if he was taller. The Warriors got a huge steal here. The odds are pretty good that Kuzmic will never play for the Warriors.

LA Clippers : Grade F

53) Furkan Aldemir, PF

The Clippers did not have a 1st round pick. With the 53rd overall pick they took Aldemir but they later traded him to the Houston Rockets. So the Clipper got no new players out of this draft. The biggest news from this off season is that the Clippers obtained Lamar Odom. Who knows what he still has left.

LA Lakers: Grade C

55) Darius Johnson-Odom, SF; (60) Robert Sacre, C

The Lakers got two picks in the draft but both were in the last 5 picks in the 2nd round. Johnson-Odom is a outstanding scorer, who if a couple more inches taller he would have been a 1st round pick. He is a very strong and tough guard. Sacre could be a true backup center to Andrew Bynum.

Phoenix: Grade B

(13) Kendall Marshall, PG

What a great pick to replace Steve Nash. Marshall is a pass first point guard that loves to play in an up and down system like the Suns play.

Marshall is a true point guard than you just don’t see a lot of anymore. His court vision and passing ability are off the charts. Marshall really has high basketball IQ, and he knows how to lead a team. Marshall needs to improve his shooting ability as well as get quicker. Over this past season Marshall improved his three point shot. If I were a scorer I would want Marshall as my point guard.

The Suns were also looking for a talented wing player from this draft but with only one pick and all the top ones gone at their pick they will have to find other areas to find an talented wing.

Sacramento: Grade B+

(5) Thomas Robinson, PF

It seems like none of the top players wanted to go to the Kings but the Kings took a total winner with their pick of Robinson. The Kings have to be thrilled that Robinson fell to them. Robinson will always give his best for the Kings and he will be a force in the frontcourt with DeMarcus Cousins.

Robinson put up lot better numbers this season, because he was coming off the bench behind the Morris twins who were both first round picks a year ago. He had better offensive and defensive rebounding numbers per minutes played than both of the Morris twins. He excels at rebounding and blocking shots. He already has a NBA body; he plays very physical around the rim. Robinson is a very good athlete with leaping ability. He is still very raw offensively he needs to work on his post moves, and mid-range game. Robinson also led the nation in double doubles.


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