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The Miami Heat ride a huge win to take control of the Finals

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The Miami Heat’s “Big Three” played like three and not LeBron James and his sidekicks. The Miami Heat went out to a massive first quarter lead and did just enough to protect themselves in the fourth to silence those noisome Oklahoma City Thunder fans.

A wise man once told me “Never assume anything.” That man was my father, and that was the first time I have used the word “assume” in about six months. It is safe to say that a lot of folks assumed the Miami Heat were down for the count after blowing their first half lead in game one towards an early loss. The Heat got a lovely display and a throwback performance by SG Dwyane Wade and C Chris Bosh, who, starting for the first time since injury had a big double-double.

Let us not forget the contributions of G/F Shane Battier, whose lock-down defense was there, but so was his three ball. Battier has made the arc look like a layup, and provided a huge banked three pointer towards the end of the game to put the Heat up with a bit of cushion.

Of course, there are those who will whine about the referees and their non call at the end of the game as OKC SF Kevin Durant splashed down from all over the court. That was the right decision. Durant could have picked up his sixth foul when Shane Battier took a charge, but refs played on. This is the playoffs, and for those naysayers: if OKC was not down 18-2 in the first, this may be a different outcome.

The proverbial ball is in Miami’s court (pun intended) as the series shifts to the Sunshine State for three big games. An extra day of rest will be nice for the elder team in the Heat, as a relaxing and less sickening flight home will do wonders for the weary. The blatant thievery in tearing the Seattle franchise and bringing them to Oklahoma gave these fans something to go crazy for that was not Boomer Sooner or Justin Blackmon. Their influence was frightening. It became a “let’s make this next basket to silence the crowd.” It was not even a question as to who the sixth man was out on the plains. SG James Harden ignited a rally in the second quarter to make the halftime lead respectable, but the most important player was Durant as he led the way to a monstrous fourth quarter.

Just as the Heat fans’ pregame meals began to twist and turn about in their already unsettled stomachs, LeBron hit a bank shot, Bosh hit a dunk, and James followed with some free throws. When all is said and done, this is a team with the most electrifying big three since Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman. On any given night, they can erupt. With the type of performance to take control of the series in a hostile OKC, there is no question the Heat will be glad to fight behind their own ravenous fans.



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