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Metta World Peace should be arrested, not suspended

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I guess the name Metta World Peace did  not mean much?

Picture yourself in the line at the grocery store. At the last gasp you have forgotten that one crucial ingredient for Thanksgiving Dinner. In a rush, your turn face and promptly bump into the man behind you. Instead of doing what any sane human being would do and apologizing before keeping on, you wind up like Rocky Marciano and drive the bulk of your elbow into the side of his head, knocking him flat.


Imagine sitting in church. You’re already agitated. You don’t want to be there. An alter boy spills communion wine all over your slacks. What do you do? Reassure the young man he is ok, and wash the slacks at home. Right?

If you are Metta World Peace, you leap over ever pew en route to beating random onlookers who are physically inferior to you. Because that’s who you are.

How many times has Metta World Peace attacked someone and never saw a day in jail? Really? It must be nice, being paid millions to play (and rarely contribute) to a game and have the benefit of beating anyone who mildly frustrates you.

The path of the professional athlete normally leads straight from the inner-city to an echelon of elitism that some of the greatest world leaders couldn’t hope to conjure despite infinite resources within their politburo.

There are athletes who do the downright dumb, such as WR Plaxico Burress shooting himself in a strip club, and then there are the criminally insane. Metta World Peace clearly forgot his assumed name (or personality) as he once again attacked an innocent and outside party to the situation. This man deserves a place in a straight jacket, not on a professional roster.

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