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LeBron James needs to stop flopping

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There is nothing more in basketball that bugs people more than players flopping. This happens when a player gets hit and they flop back like they have been really run into. Or sometime players act like they got hit, but they were really never touched. Basketball isn’t soccer. Miami Heat star LeBron James is one of the best in the league at it.

In the Heat’s opening round playoff win against the New York Knicks James acting job almost got a player tossed from the game. Knicks center Tyson Chandler sets a screen on James, but James over sells it. Sure it was a foul might James flopped around making it look much worse than it was.

Chandler was originally given a Flagrant 2, which is an ejection. The officials reviewed it and saw the James sell job and downgraded to a Flagrant 1. Check it out on video. Even the announcers call James out for his actions.

Check out another of James flops from the playoff series last season versus the Bulls.

Chicago’s Derrick Rose was going for the ball after a rebound so was James. Then all of sudden James went flying backwards making it appear that he got hit in the eye. Replays showed James was never touched by Rose, but still Rose was called for the foul. James was caught by the TV cameras winking at someone after the play.

Check out video of the play below.

Some say this is a smart play, to me this disrespects the game, if you want to flop around go become an actor. I wish the NBA would come up with a foul or fine for players that flop. This would hopefully stop it from happening in every game.

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