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NBA Draft 2012: Anthony Davis shapes up to be the best pick in years

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For the first time in a few years, one college basketball player has instilled himself as the surefire top pick overall in the 2012 NBA Draft. Even for those who only follow the pro game, Kentucky F Anthony Davis has to be witnessed. Possibly the only part of his game more fearsome than that unsightly unibrow (really? He needs to work on his visage if he wants to be the face of a franchise) is his unreal ability to snuff out shots from all over the floor. Kentucky F Anthony Davis has the capability to block the shots of any big  man with his desirable height at 6’10. His vertical leap is also off the charts, with the flair to jam the ball with authority. Anthony Davis is one of the most complete player since Miami Heat SF LeBron James was selected out of high school. While Anthony Davis will not likely be as legendary as King James, his game is multi-faceted enough to warrant comparisons on the grounds of solidity.

Davis has the skill to reach out and block perimeter shots as well as rock back big centers from all sides of the paint. His size is the core complaint about his potential, but he is only 18. Not many 18 year old’s have the size that Davis has. His wiry frame will fill out with a few square meals on the team budget and a scoop of whey protein. Slap 300 pounds on his back and have him squat like a man and the league will witness a monster that could have Hall of Fame potential early in his career.

Davis is also complete so far at his age on the offensive end. He can hit the deep ball but also move around the basket. His rebounding skills are phenomenal. Davis is shooting an astounding 65 percent from the field. With a team that could feature five first round draft picks should the whole lineup declare, shooting that high a percentage is incredible with such a demand for output. Save for size, Davis will need to add some post moves. He is an intellectual player who will take high level coaching and develop rapidly.

Sadly for Davis, he is likely to be drafted by the Charlotte Bobcats. The ‘Cats are so awful that Davis will likely have the same growth stunt that a rookie quarterback could have without a solid line or options to throw to. Michael Jordan has denigrated the team through some questionable draft decisions that have taken what could have been a lineup laden with high draft picks. Ask the Oklahoma City Thunder how sweet it is to draft smart.

However, Davis is the closest thing to a rookie LeBron to become the savior of the franchise. Davis has it all, and will take his game to a higher level in a draft that looks to be deep and full of talent. Unfortunately for him, to be the “face” of the Charlotte Bobcats, he may have to visit the salon. Waxing his eyebrows will likely be more painful than any blow he gets in the paint.


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