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LeBron James, Miami Heat exorcise demons this past week

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I had an unbelievable Christmas Day. I got everything I wanted. With the haul, I could cook, dress, and bathe in style, with some spare change to line my pockets. However, amid all the excitement that is Christmas Day: Santa Claus, family coming together, a gluttonous meal, and a nice helping of Italian pastries, I craved for a Miami Heat win against the Dallas Mavericks.

A small dose of revenge against the loudmouth Mark Cuban and his horde would be the best gift of all. After spending a whole holiday season with no hoops, all I wanted for Christmas was this win - and my bet against the spread yielding results. After an absolute dismantling of the Dallas Mavericks, the Miami Heat began to lose ground even though the game was in hand. After nearly surrendering the spread en route to an eleven point victory, it was clear the fourth quarter woes were still to come.

Whether it was psychological complacency or not, the theme for the Miami Heat was still the lack of clutch play. Closing out games was still dreadful to watch, with Miami Heat SF LeBron James of course bearing the brunt of the firestorm of criticism. Following a deference to PF Udonis Haslem who then missed a jumper that he could usually bury to lose by one at the Utah Jazz, LeBron James once again took it from the press.

The confidence issues were there since LeBron James is a truly good guy who took it to heart from the press and the city of Cleveland. The presence of having two other outstanding options including the clutch SG Dwyane Wade made it easy for LeBron to have an excuse in shirking the responsibilities of the finisher he had in Cleveland. Even with his lack of a shot in the dying moments, James still scored exorbitantly in the fourth quarter of most every game he has played in.

After a long day against the Indiana Pacers in which the same team that the Heat had blown away twice went in with a late lead, LeBron finally had his chance.

Down 85-82, with just over ten ticks to go, LeBron finally hit the three in the corner that would go a lot further than three points or 24 feet. LeBron saved the game, and ensured the Heat another chance at an otherwise awful night. Into OT, the five minute span was spiraling away, as the Pacers took a five point lead. LeBron calmly hit another three pointer to give the Heat their shot.

As cool as the dark side of the pillow, James passed the ball to SG Dwyane Wade, who nailed a shot with no time on the clock.

With down to the wire action against the Atlanta Hawks and Indiana Pacers the Miami Heat showed that their talent is enough to win, but their new found guile will bring the Larry O’Brien Trophy back to the 305.


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