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Breaking down the Bubble

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March is all about the bubble.  It seems as the NCAA tournament approaches everyone talks about the teams that are the last ones in or the last ones out of the tournament.  We hear more about bubble teams than the teams that have a shot to win the title.  Below are the resumes of various bubble teams this season.  This is what the NCAA committee is looking at when deciding who to put in the tournament.  So take a look at these resumes and decide who you would put in the big dance.   These teams are likely fighting for 6 or 7 spots.

  RPI W-L SoS Top 50 Top 100
Colorado State 22 18-10 30 3-5 8-9
Iona 43 25-7 44 1-1 5-3
South Florida 44 20-12 52 1-9 6-9
BYU 47 23-8 58 3-6 5-6
Northwestern 48 18-12 62 1-10 5-12
Oregon 51 22-8 124 0-5 5-7
Texas 52 19-12 96 3-9 4-10
Miami 56 18-11 103 2-7 3-10
N.C. State 53 20-11 23 0-8 5-9
Xavier 57 19-11 47 2-7 6-10
Ole Miss 58 18-12 122 1-6 7-11
Seton Hall 55 20-12 127 4-7 7-8
Miss. State 64 21-10 190 3-4 8-8
Drexel 66 27-6 218 1-2 4-3
Dayton 73 19-11 91 3-2 8-7
Tennessee 75 17-13 138 4-7 7-9
Arizona 78 21-10 85 1-4 5-8

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