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The Miami Heat will win the NBA Finals: 5 reasons why

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It is no secret that the Miami Heat have the most athletic and physically gifted team from top to bottom in the NBA. Hell, the Miami Heat may even have the most talented coaching staff on the court. The millions of naysayers and insulting agents of the sports world have no rebuttal when Miami Heat SF LeBron James hits three triples in a row to give the East All-Stars a chance, but will ride their keyboards to a rampage when LeBron James turns the ball over four times. The trio of Miami Heat All-Stars shot a collective 61% from the field, while the remainder of the lineup shot a total of 53%, saved by strong efforts from Chicago Bulls PG Derrick Rose and New Jersey Nets PG Deron Williams. Overall, the Boston Celtics embarrassed themselves, while Orlando Magic C Dwight Howard attempted four triples, much to the chagrin of gamblers around the globe.

Of course, as Miami Heat fans, we are always on the defensive, like a cornered and wounded wolf who will rip someone’s arms off at any moment. However, instead of showing the absolute futility of the rest of basketball, here are five concise and digestible reasons that the Miami Heat will blast through the playoffs.

V: Improved three point shooting.

There is something fun about watching Miami Heat G/F’s Mike Miller, Shane Battier, and James  Jones sprinkle themselves into that second rotation. Mike Miller had a bad hand last season, and his rust clearly showed all year in 2010-11. In his first game back from yet another season-beginning injury, Miller went 6-6 from deep, and has continued his torrid pace. For all the harshness and brutality that LeBron James brings when he blasts defenses and throws it down, sometimes it is nice to see him dish the ball outside and watch the ball splash down with such grace. This trio complements the physicality of the “Miami Thrice” in a way that a dessert completes a hearty meal. It is that sweet touch that makes that nasty restaurant bill more tolerable.

IV: Who needs clutch when they’re up by 20?

Miami Heat SF LeBron James is criticized, terrorized, and dragged through the mud if he sneezes. He accidentally bumped into Coach Erik Spoelstra and they had the guile at ESPN to give it a name and a story. Of course, there are those that say LeBron should have taken the shot last night at the All-Star Game, but the ASG is about sharing the wealth. His 36 points and near triple-double are enough, including  his impressive 6-8 from deep. The Miami Heat have won eight straight by 12 or more, which is typically the number that decides if the game is a blowout or a solid win. LeBron and SG Dwyane Wade have been so insanely dominant that they don’t even need to play the fourth quarter. They could go get a beer for all I care, leave the last quarter to the young guys.

III: Home Court Advantage

The Chicago Bulls had their shot. They had us fearing for our lives after a beat-down in Chicago in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals. PG Derrick Rose was shut down and embarrassed by the Miami Heat, and their shooters were out of luck from deep. From that point on, each moment of each game had an individual moment of heroism. The Heat rode their momentum all the way to the finals. The Miami Heat have some outstanding and faithful fans. They will show in droves, bearing their color coded t-shirts, cheering their Heat to glory. The Finals will likely come down to the wire for home court with the West favorites Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder may lose out on this advantage with a dreadful defense.

II: The Bench

Shane Battier might be that x-factor player that is capable of defending anyone from L.A Lakers SG Kobe Bryant to OKC Thunder SF Kevin Durant. While there are no stopping modern players of this caliber, there certainly are few players who can slow them down - especially off the bench. Battier is one of them. The fight Battier puts up deflects defensive responsibility from LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. This in turn preserves energy and leads to greater offensive outputs. Battier has  not found his stride offensively, but PG Norris Cole, and G’s Mike Miller and James Jones atone with aggressive jump-shooting and lighting quick points. Factoring in the old reliable PF Udonis Haslem is a key. Haslem can score sometimes, but rebounds and defends with the blue-collar mentality that is all but forgotten in a flashy league today.

I: LeBron James

Mental toughness is as intrinsic to sport as physical toughness. LeBron clearly was hurt by the outpouring of hatred regarding his “Decision.” Personally, if I was paid the way he was, engaged, and the biggest superstar in sports, I would embrace the role of villain and laugh at everyone when I triumph again and again. LeBron has a golden heart, while I have a spiteful one. LeBron was hurt by the pressure and the insults, and lacked in times when he was needed most. Furthermore, almost always a team wins with defense and rebounding in the playoffs, but the Dallas Mavericks shot lights out. No team will replicate the kind of luck with the basketball that Dallas had for years. This is no excuse, but the boos and jeers are less as LeBron seeks glory. James will lead his team with a career year that he is in the midst of. There is no reason why the 2012 Miam Heat could not go down as one of the most dominant teams in NBA history.


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