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NBA Players tweet about Jeremy Lin’s game winning Shot

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The legend of Jeremy Lin is just beginning and it looks to be just growing and growing. He is just not catching the fans by storm but he also the only thing NBA players are talking about. Last night as Lin hit the game winning shot the Lakers locker room was said to be nuts.

As I mentioned above Lin hit a game winning three pointer last night to give the New York Knicks the win over the Raptors. The win gives the Knicks their sixth straight win to get them to 14-15 on the season. You have to wonder what the Knicks record would be if Lin started the season with the Knicks?

Lin now has 137 points in his first five career starts. That is the most of player in the NBA since 1976-77 the NBA-ABA merger. Shaquille O’Neal had 129 points in his first five career starts. Thanks to the Elias Sports Bureau for that stat.

Below is what current and former NBA players Tweeted after Lin’s big shot.

 NBA Players Tweet about Jeremy Lin

Steve Nash-Its crazy! I’m watching Linsanity hoping every shot goes in. Hope I never grow up.

Metta World Peace- Jeremy Lin is top 5 nba players Max contract for my client - Chinese currency should say LIN instead of YEN…

Andrew Bogut -Wow Jeremy Lin, wow! - Breaking: ESPN could be officially renamed LISPN soon! #linsanity

Chris Paul -Watching this Knicks vs Raptors game…HUGE shot by @JLin7 #Respect

Anthony Tolliver-Happy Va-LIN-tines from Jeremy Lin and @active_faith ! That dude is BALLIN!

Shane Battier- Chuck Norris may wear Tebow pajamas but I’m pretty sure he has a Jeremy Lin night light to scare the boogeyman away. Wow! What a run!!!

Iman Shumpert- We grinder another one out!!! New York we are headed back!!! That garden better be rockin toma!!!! #NYKallday #Chuuuch #Linsanity #epicshot

Baron Davis- Great TEAM WIN!! @JLin7 with the Dagger!!!! LINSANE @landryfields Mr Everything! @tysonchandler The Stabilizer!! …

Manu Ginobili- jeremylin keeps getting bigger. Today 27pts 11a & just saw the game winner. What a story!! Happy for him & for the game

Dahntay Jones-Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow both God fearing men who are not afraid to give his praise. I love it.

Jeff Green- LLLIIINNNNNN-sanity continues @JLin7 keep hurting em’ bro

Shaq- Linderrella story of the year jeremy lin has lingle handedly played lensational lincredible I’m linpressed all he does is Lin Lin Lin gd jib

Magic Johnson -Everyone should be a believer in @Jlin7 after his shot to win the game tonight.

David Lee - @JLin7 ‘s shot was great… His celebration ill say was fair at best LOL #Linsanity

Dorell Wright -WooooooooooW Jlin wit the gamer. Niiiiccceeeee. Good things happn to good ppl. Thts whts up

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NBA Players tweet about Jeremy Lin’s game winning Shot

The legend of Jeremy Lin is just beginning and it looks to be just growing and growing. He ...

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