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Mark Cuban calls out the Refs : Carlisle gets ejected for kicking the ball into the stands

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What else is new Mark Cuban is running his mouth again. After the Dallas Mavericks 88-95 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder last night Cuban was upset with the officials. After the game he took the time to call them out.

Cuban who has been fined tons of time will have to be prepared to get out his checkout book after his latest comments about officials.

Here is what Cuban told ESPNDallas.com after the game.

“Look, I haven’t said a whole lot about the officiating in a long, long time, but I haven’t seen it this bad in a long, long time,” Cuban said. “Guys miss calls; that’s part of the game. You’re not always going to have a great crew. Officials have got to learn that’s part of the game.

“But these were officials that have been part of the league for years, and it was just off-the-charts bad. And, if no one ever says anything, nothing ever happens.”

Cuban has been really quiet in the last year are so but now that his team in struggling he feels the need to speak out. During the Mavericks championship run last year Cuban stayed out of the spotlight and let the team get the headlines not him. However Cuban just can’t help himself and when his team starts struggling he needs to call someone out. That someone is the officials.

The officials for the game were Ron Garretson, Michael Smith and Mark Ayote. I know a handful of officials’ names and I have never heard of these guys. The crew ejected Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle early in the 4th quarter. Here are more quotes from Cuban.

“It all comes down to this: I understand that it’s tough for the officials now,” Cuban said. “They’re going through the same travel stress as everybody else, but there’s absolutely no transparency right now. I mean, you get games like tonight where it was just horrible. Who knows, I’m not saying it impacted the game, but you can just start naming the calls.

“All I’m saying is some of these guys are bad. Let me rephrase that. Some of these guys are having really bad nights, and it’s having an impact. The league’s got to come out and say, ‘OK, look, we understand they’re going through some tough travel or whatever. It’s just the way it is.’ Otherwise, if that’s not an impact, you have to wonder how some of these crews are still on the court.”

For the game the Thunder shot 33 foul shots compared to the Mavericks 25. That’s not a huge difference. However in Cuban’s mind that is a huge difference. Cuban also didn’t like a couple calls in the game.

“Then they’ll call three seconds on Yi [Jianlian] because it’s Yi, and that’s it. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. Something needs to be done; someone needs to stand up and say something. So here I is.

“If no one ever says anything, nothing ever happens. We turn in stuff not after every game, but we turn in stuff all the time and we get ‘inconclusive; inconclusive; yeah, we missed this; yeah, we got it right.’ That’s all fine and good, but there’s nobody reporting to us on accountability. And that needs to change.

“There’s a lot of guys and teams that aren’t having great starts to the season and there’s a lot of crews that aren’t having great starts to the season,” he said. “The league needs to make some adjustments, because you can’t have it like this all the time.”

Maybe Cuban should worry about getting better players on his roster than calling out the refs. His roster is full of a bunch of older guys the Mavs need a better younger roster. This team won’t win another title until they get younger.

Cuban probably has a point some games the officiating is real bad, but what are you going to do basketball is a tough game to ref. Most of the time all the bad calls even out in a game. When as a team you are losing it is easy to blame someone else in this case Cuban called out the refs.

As I talked about Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle got ejected for kicking the ball into the stands after being upset with a call in the 4th quarter.

Check out the video below of Carlisle playing soccer.


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