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James blocks a shot then throws a 60 Foot plus alley oop pass to Wade (Video)

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There is no doubt the Miami Heat are the most exciting team to watch in the NBA sorry Los Angeles Clipper fans. In Monday’s 120-108 over the Kings the Heat put on a show. Especially one sequence by LeBron James.

In a two point game in the 2nd quarter James came up with a huge block then his basketball instincts kicked it. He saw Dwayne Wade running on the fast break. James that threw an alley oop pass to Wade, who caught the ball and made the layup. Wow, that was impressive James just threw an alley oop from the opposing free throw line I don’t know about 65 feet. Also impressive was the hand eye coordination from Wade who made the acrobatic layup.

There is no question the Heat love to run out in transition they are unstoppable when they do this. Even though this was a great alley oop play the Heat had a better one earlier in the season. Wade threw a baseball type alley oop pass to James. On this play Wade throw the ball the length of the court.

Wade and James were also the stars off the game. Wade had 30 points and 10 assists. While James had 18 points and 8 assists.

These two will be ready for a show when the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin come to South Beach today.

Check out the ridiculous play for James and Wade below.

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