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Deron Williams has 4 teams he hopes to play for next Season

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Right now the New Jersey Nets are struggling they are 4-11 and star point guard Deron Williams is not happy. Still though, Williams might re sign with the Nets.

Williams who was traded to the Nets last year from Utah is a free agent after this season. Chris Broussard of ESPN. com reports Williams is interested in four teams including the Nets.

Deron Williams’ first choice is to stay with the Nets and to build something special in Brooklyn, but if it doesn’t work out with his current team, his short list of desirable destinations includes the Mavericks, the Knicks and the Lakers, according to sources close to the situation.

If the Nets are able to obtain Howard, either through a trade before the March 15 deadline or in free agency this summer, Williams will re-sign. If Howard goes elsewhere, Williams is likely to leave New Jersey, according to the sources.

I can see Williams staying with the Nets if the Nets bring in another star player whether that’s Dwight Howard or not. If they don’t the Nets have no chance to re sign Williams. He is getting to that point in his career where he wants to win a championship and to do that he needs talent around him.

I think the best fit for Williams could be with the Dallas Mavericks. Jason Kidd is 38 years old and in his last year of his contract. The Mavs will have a lot of cap space this summer. Besides Williams the Mavs could sign other star players.

The Lakers also make sense for Williams because Derek Fisher is not a top point guard anymore. Wow Kobe Bryant and Williams in the same backcourt.

The Knicks really could use a point guard that is their biggest weakness now. However, do the Knicks have enough money to sign Williams with Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire already on the Knicks?

The Mavericks, Lakers, and Knicks would all be great fits for Williams. We will have to wait until this summer to see what he decides.

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