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Roy Williams calls out North Carolina Fans

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The North Carolina Tar Heels were the number 1 team in the nation before Saturday’s lost to UNLV in Las Vegas. It sounds like Roy Williams head coach of the Tar Heels is more upset about who was behind his bench than how his players played.

Usually when teams are on the road, it is  just their fans behind the bench but that wasn’t the case Saturday night when some UNLV fans were right behind the Tar Heel bench. Williams did not like this and called out his fans Monday night on his radio show.

Robbi Pickeral of posted the quotes from the radio show.

“For some of our fans to … get tickets through the Rams Club, and sell their tickets to UNLV boosters that are sitting right behind our families, I don’t like that,’’ he said. “And if the shoe fits, wear it. I don’t care who it is, and I’ll tell the sucker face-to-face: I do not like that, will not like that, don’t ever forget it. I’m trying to find out who it was.”

According to Williams, there was a UNLV fan sitting next to one of the Tar Heel coaches’ wives who was being so negative toward the team that his usually-non-confrontational high school coach turned around and said something to that fan. … Williams has long been sensitive to who’s sitting behind his bench.

But to the people who sold those tickets: “If you sell our tickets, your tickets that you get to the Rams Club to somebody else, and they come in cheering for UNLV, I’ve got no use for you,’’ Williams said. “And that’s as blunt as I can put it.”

He later added: “People have a right — but not our people. You’re either with me, or you’re not. There’s no middle ground.”

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