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Brown’s plan for the Lakers Offense

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During the NBA lockout coaches can’t have any contact between them and the players, so coaches can’t go over their plans for the upcoming season. Who knows, when the NBA will start, the lockout sounds like it is going to last a long time. Remember, before the lockout the Los Angeles Lakers hired a new head coach in Mike Brown. Phil Jackson decided to hang it up for now.

Many people didn’t like the hire of Brown for the Lakers. Brown used to be the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. There he coached a superstar in LeBron James. While he got to one NBA finals with James, the Cavs had a lot of disappointing playoff exits. People didn’t like the way Brown ran his offense, which was basically let James dribble around, and the other four players stand there and watch him. While Brown’s strong point isn’t his offensive coaching he is a great defensive coach something the Lakers could probably use more toughness.

Now with the Lakers, Brown is coaching another superstar in Kobe Bryant. Brown also has two very quality big men in Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. That is something he didn’t have in Cleveland, bigs that can score. The Lakers also have Lamar Odom who can also score in the low block.

Recently Brown sat down with Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register and discussed his plans for the offense for the upcoming season.

“This team is completely different from what I had in Cleveland,” Brown said. “In Cleveland, I had a guy who liked to come off the top of the floor, liked to play in space and play pick-and-roll and make plays for others. Here, I’ve got two guys similar to what we had in San Antonio; you’re able to throw them the ball on the block.”

I agree with Brown if the Lakers are going to win another championship, they can’t just rely on Kobe, they need to rely on their bigs. Bryant is getting up their in age, and he can’t do it by himself anymore.

This will be something to watch for whenever the season starts. What will the Lakers offense look like?


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