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NBA Schedule : Top 10 games in February

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The NBA released the 2011-12 schedule a week ago or so. The schedule came out despite the NBA owners and players being in a labor dispute. Who knows when the lockout will end? All I know is that it will be nasty and I don’t think the season will start on time, and there are many experts saying that the whole season could be missed. So if the lockout continues many of the scheduled games won’t take place, I have no idea how the NBA will handle the schedule then. I think it’s smart for the NBA to release the schedule now since it creates buzz and the hype machine even though the league is still in a lockout.

So don’t get too excited with the release of the schedule , but anyways here are my top 10 games in the month of  February.

1. Lakers at Knicks (Feb. 10th) - Finally, it looks like the Knicks are back with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire. This is great for the NBA; they need the Knicks to be good. This will be a huge game with the NBA’s two biggest markets going head to head. Every time Kobe Bryant plays at the Garden it’s a must watch, he seems to really go off there.

2.Lakers at Celtics (Feb 9th) - Any time these two rivals get together it’s a big deal. Many thought that they would play in a third straight NBA finals, but that didn’t happen. Still though both of these fans and players hate each other, and whenever the two best NBA franchises get together it is must watch TV. You will hear chants of Beat LA.

3. Knicks at Heat (Feb. 23rd) – Wow, this game will feature a ton of star players and will be a must watch game. You got LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh of the Heat, and Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire of the Knicks. Which superstar will steal the show?

4. Thunder at Mavericks (Feb 1st) – Last year the Mavericks defeated the Thunder in the Western Conference finals and went on to win the NBA championship. A year later will the Thunder be able to use their fresh legs to beat the older Mavericks? Kevin Durant wants what Dirk Nowitzki has a ring.

5.Heat at Spurs (Feb 1st) – The Heat want to be the Spurs of the past by winning NBA championships. The Spurs were never that team that drew attention to themselves, maybe the Heat can learn something from that. The Heat are in their prime while the Spurs don’t have many runs left in them.

6.Spurs at Grizzlies (Feb 14th) – This is a rematch of an exciting western conference first round match up from last year in which the Grizzlies upset the Spurs. I just hope that the Grizzlies can make the playoffs again.

7.Heat at Cavaliers (Feb. 17th) – Yes, I had to put this game on the list. Every time LeBron James goes back to Cleveland it will be a big deal. Will Cavs fans be as loud and nasty as they were last year? Probably not, but they will still show their displeasure with James. Cavs fans should just be happy the Heat didn’t win the title.

8. Bulls at Celtics (Feb. 12th) –The Bulls are the future of the eastern conference; the Celtics are trying to stay healthy to have one more long run in them. I know the Bulls will be there in the end, what about the Celtics?

9. Hornets at Bulls (Feb. 28th) – Many people would wonder why I would put this game on the list. Well it features two of the best point guards in the league going head to head. Chris Paul of the Hornets versus Derrick Rose of the Bulls.

10. Mavericks at Cavaliers (Feb 4th) – Besides Mavericks fans their where no other people rooting harder for the Mavericks to win than the people of Cleveland. They did not want LeBron to get a ring he couldn’t get in Cleveland. The Cavs fans should give the Mavs a standing ovation before the game.



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