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Reaction around the Web: One year later of LeBron’s “Decision”

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A year ago to the day, LeBron James announced his intentions to go and play for the Miami Heat. James announced his intentions on going to Miami; by having a one-hour Television show on ESPN called the “Decision.” Many criticized how James handled the special on ESPN to what he said; to even having the special in the first place. James left the Cleveland Cavaliers but during the “Decision” he never thanked Cleveland, this made Cavs fans even more mad on top of not deciding to stay in Cleveland. Of course there was good things to come from the “Decision” it made the NBA more popular and it gave the fans a love hate relationship with the Miami Heat. TV ratings went through the roof.

Here are opinions and facts one year later from various people around the web about LeBron’s decision.

-The Decision: One Year Later (Matt Moore : CBS

The Decision itself was overdone. That’s definitely true. And it was obnoxious. Trust me, I had to cover the thing, responding to every aspect of it. I’ve had to live with “taking my talents to…” jokes for 365 days and have drowned in the overbearance of both James’ process of selection and the subsequent fallout. It was over the top. But there’s nothing wrong with being over the top. It’s just a little sleazy. It just makes us feel uncomfortable.

- Host of the ‘Decision” Jim Gray was on “The Dan Patrick Show”: he said LeBron didn’t pay him.

- What IF LeBron James went somewhere else but Miami? (Travis Williams: Thoughts from the Back Porch)

Went to Chicago?

There is no way Derrick Rose doesn’t win the MVP and actually, playing with LBJ might have stunted his growth into stardom as a whole. He’d still be good, but more All-Star game bench good than MVP good.The Bulls wouldn’t have managed the top record in the league, but would have pulled it together in time to lose in the NBA Finals to the Mavericks. Chicago would have been happy though…for now.Of course, constantly badgered by comparisons to Michael Jordan, LeBron would become frustrated, often reminding Chicagoans when they wake up tomorrow their lives will still suck, and creating a tense relationship.

- The ‘Decision” did a lot of good (Steve Wulf: ESPN the Magazine)

As a result of the sponsorships for the show, and at the specific request of James, more than $2 million was donated to the organization.

-Sports Illustrated report reveals behind-the-scenes details of ‘The Decision’

-One Year Later, The People Responsible For LeBron’s “Decision” STILL Think It Was A Good Idea.

-One year ago today, LeBron made “The Decision” (Kurt Helin :NBC Sports Pro Basketball Talk)

It changed the landscape of the NBA. It changed the popularity of the NBA. It changed the “We are all Witnesses” billboard in Cleveland. It changed the way we all think about Comic Sans font.

-The day LeBron James and the city of Cleveland changed forever (Jason Llyod: Akron Beacon Journal)

Although they’ll never admit it publicly, various members of the organization felt James slipping away a couple of weeks before his announcement.

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