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2012 NBA Draft: Prospects 16-20

Published on July 12, 2011 by Scott Shirley   ·   3 Comments

It’s time to look at the top prospects for the 2012 NBA draft. Here are prospects 16-20.

16. Jeremy Lamb SG Uconn Soph. 6’6” - Lamb emerged as a true superstar; he was Uconn’s second best player behind Kemba Walker; he hit clutch shot after clutch shot. With Walker now in the NBA; Lamb’s offensive numbers are only going to get better. Lamb has very good size and length for a shooting guard, but he really needs to add some weight. Lamb is a great athlete with his quickness and jumping ability. He is also an excellent an aggressive defender. One word to describe his offensive game is smooth. He is an excellent shooter who excels at the mid range game. He needs to be more aggressive on offense and attack the rim more.

17.Myck Kabongo PG Texas Fr. 6’2” - Kabongo, who is from Canada, will be heading to play for Texas this year. Kabongo is the best true point guard in the incoming freshman class. He is a gifted ball handler, which allows him to penetrate and find the wide-open guy with his court vision, and he can also breakdown his defender 1 on 1. He has a sweet shooting stroke that could get even better. It wouldn’t hurt him to add some muscle in the future. Kabongo sometimes tries to be too flashy which can get him into trouble with turnovers.

18.Thomas Robinson PF Kansas Jr. 6’9” – Robinson would have been more of a house hold name this season, but he was coming off the bench because he played behind the Morris twins who were both first round picks this year. He had better offensive and defensive rebounding numbers per minutes played than both of the Morris twins. He excels at rebounding and blocking shots. He already has a NBA body; he plays very physical around the rim. Robinson is a very good athlete with leaping ability. He is still very raw offensively he needs to work on his post moves, and mid range game.

19. LeBryan Nash SF Oklahoma State Fr. 6’7” - I can’t help but compare Nash, to Ron Artest of the Lakers minus the craziness and little better athletic ability. He already has a NBA body with his size, length, and strength. He can really get to the rim, and when he does he is a highlight dunker. He is a very solid rebounder; he is starting to be a lock down defender too. He has great range on his shot, but he needs to be more consistent. His shooting mechanics could also use some work. Nash sometimes also tries do to much on the court at times.

20. Josh Smith C UCLA Soph. 6’9” - Smith weighs about 280 pounds, but don’t be fooled by that, he has very good feet, and excellent hands for a big guy. He is very good around the basket with a soft touch; he also has good passing ability out of the post. Smith is also a defensive presence in the paint with his shot blocking ability, and a excellent rebounder. With Smith being so big; he needs to improve his conditioning, he needs to be on the court more with his talents. Smith also needs to work on his overall offensive game with his post moves, and the spot up jumper.

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