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Ron Artest Playing in Finland?

Published on June 28, 2011 by Scott Shirley   ·   1 Comment

Current Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest was just in the news a couple of days ago for wanting to change his name to Metta World Peace. Now he is making news, because he looks like he will be playing basketball in Finland.

BallinEuopre.com reports that Artest will play for LoKoKo Lomiaa, which is a part of the Finland basketball league called Korisliiga. It was also reported in a Finnish Newspaper.

LoKoKo sports director is quoted as saying” We have sorted things out and I can happily confirm that Artest will arrive in Finland.”

Everyone knows Artest is crazy, but by the looks of it there will a NBA lockout so this might not be so crazy after all; hey at least he will keep out of trouble. While other players in NBA wait on the lockout Artest will be staying in shape and making money while playing in the Finland league. If somehow there isn’t a NBA lockout; there is no way Artest will be playing in Finland.

Artest has been a very good citizen as of late.

Artest sparked a brawl at a game in Detroit during the 2004-05 season. Artest went after a fan and went up into the stands. He was suspended for 86 games, which was the worst suspension in NBA history. This was really a black eye for the league.

In 2007 Artest spent 10 days in jail for charges of domestic abuse, he was suspended seven games by the NBA.

Since then, though Artest has really been a good citizen and has turned his life around.  Artest won a NBA championship with the Lakers in 2010, and he then raised money for charity by raffling off his championship ring.

This league starts play in September, and I bet Artest will be playing in it.


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