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2011 NBA Draft: Picks 15-20

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15. Indiana Pacers SF Kawhi Leonard Grade B-

Finally Leonard is off the board he was thought to be a top 10 pick but fell for whatever reason. I love Leonard as a player, but the Pacers don’t need help at the small forward position they already have Danny Granger and Paul George.  Leonard is a very hard worker who is very athletic, but needs to work on his shoot. Think Gerald Wallace

Strengths-plays with a lot of energy high basketball IQ, great strength and rebounder, excels at mid range game. Weaknesses- not great shooting mechanics, over aggressive sometimes, inconsistent for periods

16. Philadelphia 76ers C Nikola Vucevic Grade B+

Vucevic is a very good pick for the 76ers they need help at center, he really excels at rebounding. They have a big need at center, Spencer Hawes and Marreese Speights didn’t get the job done especially Speights. Hawes is also a free agent. The poor play of the centers forced Brand to sometimes play center, which he is undersized. They need a top center so that Brand can do his thing. Think Mehmet Okur.

Strengths- very high basketball IQ, excellent shooter even from three, great rebounder. Weaknesses- needs to be more physical, not a great athlete, needs to handle contact better

17.New York Knicks PG/SG Iman Shumpert Grade C

Huh? Most people didn’t have Shumpert going in the 1st round but the Knicks need help on defense at that’s what Shumpert excels at so I can somewhat get the pick. Shumpert can play multiple positions.

Strengths- great defender, very athletic, can get to the rim Weaknesses- can be a gunner,low percentage shooter, turnover prone.

18. Washington Wizards SF Chris Singleton Grade B+

This is a great pick for the Wizards he is a great defender, a lot better than Shumpert. You can tell the Wizards know they need help at the small forward position, with their first two picks in the NBA draft being.  Think Luol Deng without the offense.

Strengths- he excels at playing defense can guard many positions, good size and strength, good three point shooter. Weaknesses- poor ball handling skills, turns the ball over too much, not a scorer.

19  Milwaukee Bucks  SF Tobias Harris Grade B

The Bucks really need help on the wing.  Harris can play either the shooting guard, or small forward position.  The Bucks also need more shooters, as they were 24th in the league last year from three, Harris will help with that.

Strengths- Good shooter, very versatile can play multiple positions, good ballhandler and attacking rim. Weaknesses- not very quick, needs to add some weight, needs to play more tough in the paint.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves  PF/C Donatas Motiejunas Grade C

Motiejunas is a big that can shoot it, but isnt tough and isnt ready to play inside.  I think the Wolves should have drafted a shooting guard or a scorer here.


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