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2011 NBA Draft: My top 10 Small Forwards

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With the 2011 NBA draft coming up here are my top 10-point guards in the draft. The small forward position isn’t as weak as the point guards or shooting guards, but still there aren’t too many elite players here. They all have their flaws.

1. Kawhi Leonard (San Diego State Sophomore)

Strengths-plays with a lot of energy high basketball IQ, great strength and rebounder, excels at mid range game. Weaknesses- not great shooting mechanics, over aggressive sometimes, inconsistent for periods

2. Jordan Hamilton (Texas Sophomore)

Strengths-He is a scorer, great size and strength, excellent athlete, can create his own shoot. Weaknesses-bad shoot selection doesn’t play well around rim, not great defender.

3. Chris Singleton (Florida State Junior)

Strengths- he excels at playing defense can guard many positions, good size and strength, good three point shooter. Weaknesses- poor ball handling skills, turns the ball over too much, not a scorer.

4. Tyler Honeycutt (UCLA Sophomore)

Strengths-has great passing ability, solid defender especially blocking shoots, good three point shooter. Weaknesses-needs to add weight, turnover prone, avoids contact around the rim

5. Tobias Harris (Tennessee Freshman)

Strengths- Good shooter, very versatile can play multiple positions, good ballhandler and attacking rim. Weaknesses- not very quick, needs to add some weight, needs to play more tough in the paint.


6. Nikola Mirotic (Serbia)

7. Kyle Singler (Duke Senior)

8. Jimmy Butler (Marquette Senior)

9. Jeremy Richmond (Illinois Freshman)

10. Chandler Parsons (Florida Senior)


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